Heavy-Duty – Module Type THP/SL 7
Main Features
• module longitudinally and laterally combinable
• box-section center beam with integrated air and hydraulic fluid reservoirs
• in front and at rear optimised bolt-plate-coupling for longitudinal combinations
• 2 twin-tyred pendular axles with a total of 8 tyres per axle line
• wheelsets mounted to the frame by ball bearing race rings
• all wheelsets equipped with hydraulic suspension stroke  300 mm, hydro-pneumatic gas accumulator suspension and hose rupture safety valves
• hydro-mechanical 2-circuit all-wheel force-steering integrated into the bogie, with maximum wheelset steering angle of  55°, incl. counter-steering
• 2-line all-wheel air service brake and spring-loaded parking brake

[table id=2 /] * Increase possible after analysis of load and transport conditions